Li's Blog: Change, change...a little of this and more of that.

Change, change...a little of this and more of that.

BC Ferry

Change, change...everywhere a change...that 1960s lyric had it right.

Of course, with change, there's always that law of unexpected consequences.

Block chain technology is now our surround sound, and it will complete the demise of "the middle person". Realtors are middle people, bridging the gap between a seller and a buyer.

Do a search of both proptech (next generation technologies for real estate...these companies may replace realtors) and block chain technology (a peer to peer value transaction technology).

If the Internet was about information sharing, the next steps of consumer to consumer actualities will completely change the terrain we stand in. Five years out, real estate as an industry will have evolved to another model. one wants to be the buggy whip business segment.

Currently banking, mortgages, lawyers, land registry, conveyings, are all elements of a traditional real estate transaction. The purveyors of these elements are also middle people in the transaction process. (Time is a factor. Two weeks to transact?). Their roles will also change. Or disappear.

Initially, some had thought that the interpretive function of a realtor would remain as a valued part of a sales process. Particularly in "pocket places", where surface search information would not discover specific and essential lifestyles background. Hmmm....

Very important to back up, to check the periphery not lean into prepared tunnels. The thing shimmering there at the edge of our vision could be the creative solution.

The consumer is prepped to seek a direct communication with the is allowing this. Middle people may be gone.

Meantime, in China, there is apparently a robotic newscaster, presenting news in cannot tell if a real presenter or a robotic version. And the answer to the question: what is reality?

Perhaps a study of philosophy is the key?




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Comment balloon 9 commentsLi Read • December 10 2018 09:37PM


Hello Li - yes, change is inevitable.  I guess I choose to embrace it or it will kick me in the pants.

Posted by Michael Jacobs, Los Angeles Pasadena 818.516.4393 almost 2 years ago

I'm with you!   Appreciated your comment.

Posted by Li Read, Caring expertise...knowledge for you! (Sea to Sky Premier Properties (Salt Spring)) almost 2 years ago

Hi Li, Ron here.   Bob Dylan wrote those amazing lyrics.  Loved that song so much, especially the version that the Byrds recorded.  Hope you have a fabulous Holiday Season!!!!!  Ron

Posted by Ron and Alexandra Seigel, Luxury Real Estate Branding, Marketing & Strategy (Napa Consultants) almost 2 years ago

I do think we need to keep our eye on the changes as they are coming, and adjust to take advantage of them and not get run over by them. 

Thanks for your post, and have a great day!

Posted by Kat Palmiotti, The House Kat (406-270-3667,, Broker, Blackstone Realty Group - brokered by eXp Realty) almost 2 years ago

Great to  hear from you, Kat.   Yes...time to be paying attention to more significant changes.

Posted by Li Read, Caring expertise...knowledge for you! (Sea to Sky Premier Properties (Salt Spring)) almost 2 years ago

Thank you, Li. 

Agree, life is a constant change. Here and there. It apples to everything...

Posted by Evelina Tsigelnitskaya, 305-931-6931 (SIB Realty) almost 2 years ago

Thoughtful post - and it is imperative to keep our eye on the changes. In the meantime, we strive to create such fabulous experiences for our clients that it would be tough to duplicate. Still, not naive. ;)

Hope you have a wonderful and  festive Holiday season. D 

Posted by Debb Janes EcoBroker and Bernie Stea JD, REALTORS® in Clark County, WA (ViewHomes of Clark County - Nature As Neighbors) almost 2 years ago

Li, have not seen this action here in Denver, but will keep my eyes open and ready for changes.   I agree with Debb, customer service won't be there, and we offer stellar customer service.

Posted by Joan Cox, Denver Real Estate - Selling One Home at a Time (House to Home, Inc. - Denver Real Estate - 720-231-6373) over 1 year ago

Our industry will change that's for sure, the pressures on us our immense. I am a huge believer in delivering the goods and we must all work hard to improve our entire industry in order to stay relavant.  Also, in the meantime, we should take advantage of all this great career has to offer us. 

Posted by Jana Schmidt, Jana L. Schmidt (John L. Scott Renton) over 1 year ago