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21 days for new habits? Hmmmm....

A rule of thumb, when making a change: do the new behaviour for 21 days.   Apparently, it takes that timeline to create a new habit.   Hmmm....

In my area, the "stay home/social distance" government edicts occurred on March 12th.   First response: fear.   That usually brings out the Crab in  us...we scuttle under our rock and sit tight.  

The first weeks were tough.   Now, people are wearing masks, following the marks on the floor at supermarkets, guiding people to one way aisles, making sure social distancing is followed while waiting outside and while indoors shopping.    It all takes a little longer, and since none of us can go anywhere yet, that is just fine.  

Are we day dreaming more?   Isn't that where our best creative ideas come from?  

So yes, the first efforts at a zoom meeting were a little hesitant.   Now, like most new things that we swallow, it's just the way it is.  

Some of us have to invest in new equipment.   I went from an iphone 6 to an 11 Pro, yesterday, and that's a learning curve.   The Crab moment is over.   Now, it's about discovery.   By next week, I will be wondering what took me so long!

This coming weekend is a holiday weekend right across's called Victoria Day on Monday.   It's seen as the traditional begining of the summer season in Canada, where people go to cottages and open up their retreats.   Not this year.  

So, back to the line-ups we now linger in, waiting our turn.  Let's imagine we've all been transported to being a buyer.   What does that feel like?   What is a buyer looking for right now, with all these worrying changes?    Aha...feel those creative juices as you think about answering that!

The message is: go for it.  No matter what occurs, where we find ourselves, we have the resilience to figure this online world out.   That's the new surround sound.   Need another 21 days?   That's rush righ now.   And that's an interesting concept, right there.   Time.




How may I help you to discover special Salt Spring Island & the Southern Gulf Islands?   Call me!

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