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Offices expanding at home? Not the only change....

More closures?   More invitations not to visit?  

In my small rural island, with a tourism based economy, the closures earlier this year brought many small businesses to near extinction.  The openings over the summer season, throughout this province, allowed many to "hang on".  

Now we are in our traditional wet coast moment (yes, the great Pacific Northwest Coast is a rainy area), and it's not possible to sit out in patio dining spaces or coffee stops.   What will the restaurants and coffee places do, between now and March?  

What about those tourism based businesses?  Everyone can't pivot to the online platforms.    Everyone can't work from home.

Some very beautiful (but very small) areas on the wild west coast are asking city dwellers not to visit right now. 

Lots of online think tank meetings, using words like Resiliency and Recovery...but so many changes underway that it's not yet possible to consider the "new".   Maybe we are still in mid-leap between two worlds...before the pandemic and after. 

One thing that is on the shopping list for anyone looking for a new home or considering renovating their current dwelling: an office.   The office needs to have its own entrance and to be very separate from family life.   For many, there need to be two separate offices.   Hmmm....shrinking the floor plan of family life and expanding the work concept? 

Well, we did say that this pandemic would change lifestyles.  And your thoughts are?   Always welcome.







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