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Early January thoughts from Salt Spring Island...

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Twelfth Night (January 6th...also known as Epiphany) brings to a close the English tradition of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Special menu, a special cake with a coin in it...discovery of the coin in your slice brings luck with it...and a putting away of seasonal decorations.

January is a time of reflection and a time to consider future opportunities. The Roman god Janus gave his name to this month...this ancient Roman deity is always pictured with two looking behind and one facing forward.

Sometimes, in this era of instant shift/continuing dramatic change, I think of Alice Through The Looking Glass, where Alice had to run very fast just to stay still. Hmmm..... (Never read Alice in Wonderland, and its sequel Alice Through The Looking Glass? You have an adventure before you, thanks to author Lewis Carroll).

January invites one to try something new, to take a class in something beyond one's comfort level, to go to investment conferences to hear what real estate's cousin is forecasting, to plan a Spring garden, to antique an old chair, to watch favourite old movies (like My Favorite Year), and to laugh out loud.

The Pacific Northwest Coast can be a place of grey (cloud, rain), but every day now it's a little lighter...we are steadily on our way to the June Solstice.

So: your plans as this authentic Winter month unrolls? Why not write your memoir? Or compile favourite recipes and share on a blog? Or take that yoga class? Or adopt that rescue dog?

New beginnings.... January's call.



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