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Early Spring says hello on Salt Spring Island...

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Here it is...the closing days of January. Although the calendar still says Winter, the signs of Spring are whispering all around us.

February, in the great Pacific Northwest Coast, spells the message of Spring...and the turn of the calendar page to this Valentine month is always welcomed.

The days are lengthening, early flowering bulbs (snowdrops, crocus, daffodil) are making themselves known and early pink cherry blossoms and yellow forsythia say hello.

An annual B.C. Family Weekend holiday takes place in February, plus Seedy Saturday is showcased on Salt Spring, and special Valentine menus are presented at our great restaurants. 2019 is the Year of the Pig in the Chinese begins on February 5th.

February signals the end of January's treading water rhythms...early Spring is a time to wake up the mind (check out art galleries & studios, for inspiration. Enjoy some day trips to learn something new) and a time to wake up the body (check out the walking/hiking trails at Ruckle Park, Burgoyne Park, Mt Erskine, Channel Ridge, and beachcomb at Fernwood).

January/February are also great times to check out real estate...easy to see boundary line markers, as the bushes have not fluffed out to hide them...and one can check out creeks and ponds and lake levels. Everything looks terrific in July...why not check out ground level terrain in early Spring?

Are you seeking a Salt Spring property? How may I help you? Benefit from my knowledge & expertise. Look forward to meeting you.



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Here it is… the closing days of January. Although the calendar still says Winter, the signs of Spring are whispering all around us. February, in the great Pacific Northwest Coast, spells the message of Spring… and the turn of the calendar page to… more
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