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Pacific Northwest Coast summer...yes, it involves sailing!

Sailing into we are.

Long days, sunsets around 10 p.m., with all the pleasures of the season unrolling before us: swimming, kayaking, hiking, sailing, camping, gardening, dining on patios, farmers markets, the peace of sitting on a dock, watching dragonflies buzz over a lake, reflections capturing the sky.

So lovely, this brief season of warmth and lush appreciation of our natural world.

Enjoy your summer pleasures.

If traveling, put Salt Spring on your destination list. If seeking property on this special Island, I look forward to helping you to discover your gem.

Here it is...summer-summer...go for it!



How may I help you to discover special Salt Spring Island & the Southern Gulf Islands?   Call me!

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Pacific Northwest Coast summer… yes, it involves sailing!
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